Foreign sports bets sites that accept English players

Did you say foreign sports betting? Just hearing that phrase certainly must make you tremble with excitement! We must say that for English players, the time for finally opening up the sports betting market is long overdue! Since regulations were first implemented we can no longer play for the highest stakes on the best Champions League matchups, we can no longer bet more than 20£ on a tennis match without worrying and, quite simply, we look at sports bets differently. It should be noted that, since its arrival, the Gambling Commission has severely limited the appeal of the online sports betting landscape. Bookmakers approved by the Commission are not very tempting, their odds are ridiculous and the chances of making a fortune on their sites are quite slim.

As a result, foreign sports betting seems to be the best way to make up for this lack of appreciation. Many bookmakers and brokers operating outside the jurisdiction of the Gambling Commission offer English internet users and foreigners the chance to bet on the sports matchups of their choice. But can these dealers be trusted? Are their offers reliable? What are the risks for the player? On our site, we will tell you the truth about foreign sports betting and give you the means to increase your income while still investing less than on Skybet, Bwin or Sportingbet.

  • MrXbet
    An excellent operator, not yet known, but with everything: high odds, bonus every days, live betting, streaming... [+]
    Very complete, it allows to use Mollybet. Also gives access to 9wickets (copy of Betfair for trading). English accepted. [+]
    Trustworthy broker… easy use... Offers Pinnancle and Sbobet... English players are accepted.[+]

The ABC’s of sports betting the Gambling Commission

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First of all, it’s necessary to paint a picture of online foreign sports betting. We have complained about the situation concerning this market which can really be pervasive for players: we will review the biggest actors on the market outside the Gambling Commission, we will weigh the pros and cons of this practice and we’ll analyze the risks and benefits relative to sports betting on offshore book-maker and broker’s sites.

To sum up, we will share our opinions with you and with objectivity, hindsight and precision. Our foreign sports betting guide [+] has been developed to respond to questions that all English bettors inevitably end up asking them-selves: “why aren’t my bets turning a profit?” If you’re English, a fan of online sports betting and you haven’t won enough, it’s maybe because you haven’t yet just how greedy bookmakers approved by the Gambling Commission can really be. However, they can’t be blamed: they are so highly taxed on their income that they are obliged to siphon off part of the winnings distributed to players. Without that they couldn’t sustain their activities.

Which bookmaker or broker for betting?

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Savvy gamblers know that on platforms like 1xbet or Betfair all the conditions are just right for being able to earn huge amounts. However, choosing a foreign sports betting bookmaker or broker isn’t something that should be done at random. A scrupulous study should be conducted in advance in order to be sure that the offers, services and guarantees of whichever dealer a player chooses completely meets their expectations. As it turns out, our site is precisely what’s needed to help you to choose the best bookmaker or broker for foreign sports betting [+].

In fact, we will provide you with different fact sheets that evaluate the pluses and minuses of each sports betting dealer outside the Gambling Commission. We put under the smallest details under the microscope including the site’s design, the quality of the odds, the range of sports offered as well as the kind bonuses and promotions that they offer. And when we find a foreign bookmaker that accepts English players or we retain a broker, we’ll allow you to benefit from their offers at prefer-ential terms! You will then be able to relive the feeling of discovering a bookmaker like Pinnacle when it was first introduced into the European market in March 2015 and then you’ll be able to bet on sports enthusiastically all with the guarantee of earning lots of money.

Our approaches and tips for winning more

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Winning more by betting on foreign sports [+] is possible, provided that you know how to go about it. By adopting the approaches and tips from our guide, you won’t have any trouble parlaying your bets on sites from bookmakers and brokers that authorized elsewhere in Europe and in the rest of the world. Step by step, we will help you to make the right choices, to develop the right instincts and to cultivate an expert view on sports betting.

To win more betting on sports, we to be different from ordinary mortals and not just consider sports betting as a passion but as a science and a discipline that demands rigor and methodology. We will help you to acquire the necessary skills and to increase your income. Soon, foreign sports betting will no longer be a mystery: it will no longer just be a playground; it will become your liveli-hood.