The selection of sports betting brokers

Which bookmaker or broker should you choose for foreign sports betting? We’ve already tried to answer this question by emphasizing the necessity of evaluating your personal needs before making your choice. If after reading the following article, you want to consider a sports betting broker, the paragraphs bellow should put an end to any concerns you may have.


Connoisseurs will appreciate the access to Mollybet to make their bets among the greatest Asian bookmakers at the best odds. You will have access to Sbobet, Pinnacle, Betfair (betting), SingBet, BetIsn and Maxbet.

For odds trading, you will have access to Matchbook and 9wickets (copy of Betfair).

Discover the offer in more detail on BetInAsia.

This broker is the easiest to start using; it has very low minimum bets, a minimum deposit of 20£ and a very user-friendly interface. AsianConnect also has the advantage of offering a welcome bonus in addition to low and degressive commissions.

The list of bookmakers available is limited but the essentials are there (Pinnancle and Sbobbet). The interface and support are in English and the betting history is complete.

You can read more details on AsianConnect’s fact sheet.

Does not accept the English

There is a wide choice of foreign bookmakers including some of the most popular like Betfair, Pinnacle, IBC, Matchbook and many others. One of this bookmaker’s special features is that they offer a service that automatically chooses the best odds from among their list of partner bookmakers at the time bets are placed.

On the other hand, there are no betting limits and winning players are accepted. In order to be fully enjoyed, use of this broker is reserved for professional gamblers.

Read all the details on SportMarket.

Choosing the right broker when you’re English

The most important thing is selecting the right broker. We have tested many of them and in our opinion, there’s no doubt that PremiumTradings and AsianConnect are the most qualified to fulfill the expectations of English sports bettors who are weary of using bookmakers approved the Gam-ing Commission. We have worked hand in hand with these three sites and know them very well. Their foolproof reliability, their professionalism and their range of services are well-suited to respond to your needs.

If security and reliability are the two most important criteria when it comes to choosing a bookmaker when you’re English, then there is a third factor that shouldn’t be neglected: the fluidity of payments. In fact, particular attention should be paid to how transactions (for deposits and withdrawals alike) are processed. A broker that pays regularly, quickly and discreetly can really make all the difference. On another note, in order to claim your winnings, we strongly recommend opening an account with NetTeller.

Sports betting brokers: the choice that gives peace of mind

A broker acts as an intermediate between an online gambler and a bookmaker. It’s the broker who brings the two parties together. First of all, doing this allows the player to find the sportsbook that completely meets their needs. In the second place, it provides the sports betting site the chance to build and retain a new audience. In any case, it’s a win-win situation. The broker gets its income from commissions. As well, when you, as an English player want to open an account on a foreign bookmaker’s site, the broker bills them for administrative or registration fees.

A sports betting broker also represents an excellent opportunity for those who want to get the best odds and kinds of bets. In fact, by using a broker you’ll be able to bet on several platforms simulta-neously but you’ll never be frustrated with respect to managing your different accounts since the broker takes care of everything on your behalf and allows you to access the services you that in-terest you the most via a single unified account. And if you’re concerned about possible administra-tive or technical problems that may arise, rest assured that the customer support assistance pro-vided by brokers like PremiumTradings or AsianConnect could not be more reliable. If you have even the slightest concern or question, customer support is well-equipped to deliver you a response within 24 hours! You now have all the keys in hand for choosing the best broker for the English bettor!

Are you more of a bookmaker or a broker?

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