The best sports betting sites outside England

Although the Gambling Commission only authorizes a minority of bookmakers offering their services on the internet in England, more and more gamblers are turning to offshore sports betting sites. But which foreign bookmaker or broker should you choose? We will try to answer this question in the following paragraphs. And, as always, we will do so with complete honesty.


This is a Russian betting site that accepts English players even with an IP address and postal address in England.

The odds are exceptional, the kinds of bets are immense and large wagers are accepted. Winning players are not banished and payments are not blocked.

The site also offers an excellent opportunity for live playing which is free for subscribers and many other promotions that are available to all--not just new players ;)

Find more information on 1xbet’s detailed fact sheet.


Another major Russian bookmaker that accepts us without a question through a really easy anf fast registrering process.

Odds are high, live streaming on major events is free with a impressive live betting offer. The operator also proposes simple and complete mobile apps.

Read more about melbet in my review.

How to choose a prospective foreign bookmaker?

Despite national regulator prohibitions (whose existence, we remind you, is unwarranted), a number of online bettors are making the choice to wager their money on bookmaker’s sites licenced by foreign commissions. It should be noted that for different reasons, such organizations are more appealing than those approved by the Gambling Commission. In fact, offshore sportbooks have qualities that no English bookmaker possesses.

Among the major characteristics that tip the scales:

  • More appealing odds and chances of winning;
  • Higher bonuses and promotions;
  • A larger community of players;
  • A variety of deposit and withdrawal solutions;
  • The chance to play online casino games;
  • The chance to wager on other sports themes.

The three most important points/factors

We provide you with details on the three factors which seem essential to us when betting on foreign sports (or in England).

Do they have a mobile application?

You may not necessarily think about it but surely you’ll be tempted to take your sportbook every-where you go. A foreign bookmaker like 1XBet, for example, provides its clients with a mobile ap-plication that’s compatible with iOS, Android and iPhone. Of course, it would be better to have a foreign account in order to be able to use this application with complete peace of mind. All that’s left is for you to bet on the matchup of your choice at any time of the day and wherever you are-- you can’t put a price on a service like that.

Do they offer a considerable range of sports?

Of course, any dealer should be able to offer you a range of sports that match your hopes. A sportbook like 1xbet provides users a bevy of much targeted disciplines as well as a large number of competitions and regional championships. In addition to sports, major importance should also be given to the odds and kinds of bets that they make available. The more elaborate and numerous the bets are, the better are the chances of winning big.

Do they have a reliable and secure website?

It’s essential that you play in an environment that is reliable and secure. It is also imperative that your private life is respected and your confidentiality is not compromised. If you use a VPN that you pay for, your security is already guaranteed. However, be sure that the foreign bookmaker you choose uses an http protocol and that all data is encrypted using SSL 128 bit technology.

Should you play with a foreign bookmaker or use a broker?

VWe help you to find your prospective partner on your journey: