Knowing how to discover reliable betting opportunities

Choosing the least risky bets

Betting without risk is one of the best ways to earn more money through overseas sports betting. It turns out that there’s a category of bets, the surebet, that allow you to bet on a match with strong potential without taking inconsiderate risks. The surebet draws on different factors such as the match’s odds and the rate of return.

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The surebet, or betting with security

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Bets that are 100% secure really do exist and they’re called surebets. By relying on a very simple mathemat-ical calculation, we can see the difference that exists between two or three odds offered by many foreign bookmakers. The differences vary according to the availability, the sport and many other factors.

Without knowing it players, dozens of thousands of surebets are distributed each day across all sports betting platforms in England and abroad. While it’s long been thought that surebets had been taken over by oppor-tunists, today they allow some players to increase their revenues, to earn a salary or simply to make ends meet at the end of the month! Now, let’s look at how they work by means of a simple demonstration.

Of the art of defining the security of a bet

First of all you need to find the same sports match offered on many different sportsbooks and to note the odds supplied. Then divide the value of each odd by 1. If the result is lower than 1 then that means you’re dealing with a surebet. You can then try your luck without hesitation.


England and Spain are up against each other in an elimination match of the World Cup. Bookmakers post the following odds.

  • Bookmaker X : 1,2 (win for England) - 4 (tie game) - 3,1 (win for Spain)
  • Bookmaker Y : 1,5 (win for England) - 3,5 (tie game) - 2,8 (win for Spain)

We start by isolating the three best odds posted across all bookmakers. Then we come up with the following calculation:

  • (1/best odds for a win for England) + (1/best odds for a tie game) + (1/best odds for a win for Spain)

Which is :

  • (1/1,5) + (1/4) + (1/3,1) = (0,66 + 0,25 + 0,32) = 1,23

Here we see clearly that predicting the outcome of the match of England vs. Spain is not certain since the result of the calculation is greater than 1.

Easily find surebets

Of course, you certainly won’t have much fun calculating the security of each bet. If you were to do that it would likely take you entire days to accomplish! The best way to find surebets on foreign sports betting sites is to use detection tools, also called “robots”. They analyse the odds in real time and give you a calculator to help you to properly split your bets. It should be noted, however, that the majority of these tools are not free. Finally, be aware that surebets can only be found with foreign bookmakers because with approved bookmak-ers the values of the odds are often quite similar.

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