Betting rationally

Did you know that 97% of tipsters lose their initial bet? Yes, that’s right 97%! Are you among those who have experienced that kind of disappointment? Who’ve bet a lot of money without recouping their invest-ments? All hope of winning big through foreign sports betting is not lost. In this section, we’ll show you how betting rationally can make a difference.

A footballer thinks

Sports betting: a game of incomplete information

Sports betting, like poker, is a game of incomplete information: the bettor does not have all the required in-formation to make sound decisions. In fact, unless they can do long-term research, the tipster doesn’t know what kind of shape the players are in before the match, the stakes and each person’s state of mind. What’s more, just like with some card games, nobody knows the outcome of the match in advance! It goes even further than that: the result doesn’t exist!

By extension, sports bets are, for example, the opposite of failures. Because when it comes to failures, even if we can’t read our opponent’s mind, we do know what shots they can make; we can predict them and study them. Is it fair to say that sports betting is a matter of chance, and consequently requires betting without re-flecting or trusting a lucky star? Of course not.

Winning by a coin toss or winning rationally

No speculator would ever bet their life savings on the winner of a match. Neither the biggest football special-ist nor the biggest winner on a sports betting site would ever bet all their money on one single game. Why? Because in this area even if everyone had strong assurances or convictions, they are not part of an exact science.

In reality, in order to win with foreign bookmakers, you have to avoid all erroneous information, take the game of predicting from the realm of chance and integrate it into the field of statistics, just as one would do, for example, in poker. The truth is that you can’t win through sports betting without having a long-term vision.

How do you bet rationally?

Betting rationally means not betting on impulse and putting your emotions aside. It also means showing budgetary restraint in when times are hard. As you probably already know, it is recommended to never bet more than 5% of your capital on the same match. Try to remember that if you want to build up your bankroll on foreign-licensed sportsbooks. As a final piece of advice, don’t bet on your favourite team or on those that influence you because it will change your analysis. If you don’t succeed, try to bet on matches in foreign countries that you don’t know; that’s good training.

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