How to bet on sports matches outside of England?

In our guide to foreign sports betting, we couldn’t discuss a crucial question: how to bet on foreign sports when you live in England? We’ve already seen in a previous section that making sports bets on sites outside the Gambling Commission’s jurisdiction posed no risk to players. In fact, it’s altogether possible to bet one’s money on a .com site. But how do you do that when the site is blocked within England? In this section, we’ll give you the technical means to overcome such restrictions.

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Why can’t you play/gamble from within England?

Given that bookmakers operating outside the Gambling Commission are not authorized to offer their services to online bettors from England, access to their sites is impossible. In fact, regulators pre-vent gamblers living in England from even registering. In order to gamble on platforms like Betfair or Bet365, there are very few solutions; you must use a VPN or else place your bets through an intermediate such as a sports betting broker.

How can you place bets on a foreign sports betting site?

As explained above, two solutions are offered to you for betting on the games of your choice on overseas sportsbooks. Now it’s time to study them in greater detail.

Betting on a foreign bookmaker with a VPN

One can easily play on an offshore sports betting site from England by using a VPN. A VPN, which stands for Virtual Private Network, allows a person to change the identity of their connection. When your computer is connected to a VPN, it is linked to a virtual local network that allows you to bypass certain restrictions. Essentially, you will easily be able to access the sports betting site of your choice because a VPN will simulate the fact that you are connected from somewhere other than in England.

It should be noted that a VPN is a great solution for foreign sports wagering since you are paying for a competitive service. Otherwise if you use a free VPN, the process will turn out to be more complex and irritating. It’s especially important to recall that you also run the risk of not being able to register with an offshore bookmaker if you state that you live and England and if you lie, you will not be permitted to withdraw your winnings because you will be require to provide proof of your address.

Using a sports betting broker

A sports betting broker should be considered a key solution available for online betting on sites located outside of England. This broker puts you in touch with specialized dealers: they bring new clients and select them on the basis of different criteria. Everything is taken care of by the broker, who is in charge of collecting the player’s information, finding solutions to possible technical prob-lems, as well as validating deposits and withdrawals, among other things. On our site, you’ll only find trustworthy brokers whom we have contacted and tested beforehand with the most reputable among them being AsianConnect.

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