The benefits of foreign sports betting

Are you are exasperated by the Gambling Commission? Does the regulation of online sports bets annoy you? Do the odds offered on English bookmakers sites irritate you? If that’s the case then you have probably have every reason for wanting to play on foreign sports betting sites. After all, the benefits are numerous. Let’s examine them more closely.

Compare before betting

Odds that match your talent

We’ve already mentioned it many times before on our site: you can enjoy some very tempting odds. It must be noted that in England, from the moment that the Gambling Commission took control of the English market, bookmakers found themselves in a situation that could not be more complex to manage. In fact, the taxes applied are considerable and, inevitably, the odds offered by authorized bookmakers have dropped at least 10%.

Let’s take a concrete example. Let’s say that you want to bet on an EFL Championship football game. The odds of a victory of Bolton over Cardiff City are at 2 to 1 on an English bookmaker’s site. On a foreign site, there is a strong chance that the odds of a Cardiff victory are around 2.25 to 1. And again, this is only an average! We can definitely find odds better by using a foreign sports betting broker!

Considerably larger winnings

Over the long term, the difference between English and foreign bookmakers can be quite glaring in terms of winnings. To return to our earlier example, if your bet is a winner, you would not just earn 200£ on a100£ bet but rather 225£, which substantially increases your income as long as you can continue to make good predictions. Of course, the more you bet, the more you can win. This is, you might say, a universal rule.

Bonuses, odds trading and much more

We have already discussed the particularly tempting range of promotions available from foreign sports betting bookmakers and brokers. But the benefits offered by these companies don’t stop there. For example, in addition to receiving a welcome bonus of up to 150% on your first deposit, foreign sports betting bookmakers and brokers also allow “live betting” which means that you can bet on certain matches and adapt your predictions according to how the game plays out.

You’ll also love the fact that you can indulge in odds trading, an approach that allows you to collect your winnings even before the game has started (if you use pre-game odds). Even if this feature doesn’t deliver optimal results unless you have a solid understanding of .com bookmakers, it’s still worth exploring.

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