Betting on sport abroad: for what reasons?

Are you English? Current legislation in our country does not forbid you from wagering your money on foreign sports betting platforms. Although it may always be preferable to bet on sites licenced within the European Union, nevertheless nothing prevents you from indulging your passion elsewhere in the world. In the following article, however, we will not be discussing the technical methods but rather we well explain why you have every reason to try your luck on non-Gambling Commission approved bookmakers’ sites.

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What’s the appeal of foreign sports betting?

By opting for an offshore betting site, you’ll benefit from three things that no bookmaker licenced in England can currently offer: very appealing odds, a wide range of sports and competitions and, lastly, bonuses that are out of the ordinary.

The odds available from bookmakers operating outside the Gambling Commission

On sports betting sites located abroad and hosted on foreign servers, you’ll immediately be able to take advantage of the best odds possible. As you may recall, odds are a way for you to determine the amount of your potential winnings. They are calculated according to different mathematical criteria and represent the probability (quite often a victory for team A, a victory for team B or a tie game) of a result.

It should be noted that the odds are much more significant on offshore bookmakers’ sites because they are associated with increased payouts. Also, you should usually be able to parlay your money in no time at all!

A wide range of sports and bets

On non-Gambling Commission approved sports betting sites, you will have the opportunity to be able to rely on a number of sports and competitions that are amazing in terms of their abundance and diversity. As well, if you like some atypical sports that are not often represented in England, you’ll find many that will suit your tastes! With sports like cricket, field hockey, beach volleyball and MMA available for placing bets on websites with an extension such as .com, there’s no risk of being bored and you’ll really have an embarrassment of choices!

What’s more, the choice of bets themselves is also larger. Asian handicap bets are clearly more represented on foreign platforms; you’ll also be able to opt for a number of significant guarantees, not to mention “Live Betting” which will allow you to wager on a sports matchup in real time and to adjust your wager and your prediction if necessary!

Dazzling bonuses and promotions

Finally, bookmakers licenced in Europe and internationally will reward you with excellent prizes. Not only will you receive gifts for special occasions but you’ll also benefit from considerable/sizeable bonuses and promotions that match your investment and your loyalty. Simply by making a first deposit, you’ll receive a welcome bonus of up to 200£. When compared to English bookmakers the differences are glaring.

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